Friday, June 15, 2007


For some reason, as ideas for things to blog about have been spinning around in my head the past couple of weeks, the idea that keeps come back to me is: Addictions. I'm not quite sure why, but it seems like it could be interesting if I share 5 of my addictions and then you share 5 of yours. You can either post them in the comments, on your own blog, on your facebook wall (Shelly, that's for you!), etc. So, here goes:

  • Coffee. I don't know how it happened. I even made a pact at a McDonald's with one of my friends when I was 10 that we would never drink coffee. Hah! My 10-year-old self didn't really know the pleasure coffee can bring. I'm a full fledged addict now.

  • Harry Potter Books. I can turn this addiction off (so, does that disqualify it from addiction status?) when I'm not in the middle of an HP book. But man, when I'm reading one, there is nothing else I want to do. No work, no cooking, no housework, no chores, no get togethers with friends. Nope, I just want to sit in my chair and read read read. Even if I've read the book before, I still can't put it down.
  • Swimming. I just don't feel quite right when I'm not swimming regularly. I take time off for vacations and stuff, but I always love to get back in the water when I get home. I love the feel of moving through the water.

  • Peanut butter. I eat peanut butter in some fashion every day. Usually it's stirred in to my oatmeal. Sometimes I eat a couple of spoonfuls just because. I can plow through a stash of Reeses Peanut butter cups in no time flat. And the Reeses Peanut Butter, those put me over the top!
  • Buying online. So, don't get me wrong, I still love to shop in a real store. But, for things that I consider a "chore" to go and buy, I usually just find it online and purchase it. I weigh the cost of shipping versus the price of gas, and now that gas is so expensive, it usually comes out about even. Plus, there's the contentment factor that I get by buying it online and not having to make a special trip out to buy it.

Okay, so that's me. I tag KMS, Beth, Shelly, Cat, Stacy.